Starbuncles Cafe

Welcome to Starbuncles!

Hours of operation:
Tuesday 5pm-8pm EST
Wednesday 8pm-10pm EST

This is a real gil/item venue, real gil is given for services and items.

We are located at Goblet, Ward 18, Plot 6 on Brynhildr.

Taste our Eorzia-famous Carbuncle Coffee, play games in our lounge, relax in our spa... we are an all in one establishment!


Weekly Raffle

Every Wednesday we will be raffle off a brand new item. Depending on what the prize is, the ticket cost will vary!

Normal items: 1,000 g a ticket
Cash shop items: 100,000 g a ticket

You can buy as many tickets as you'd like, just give Cemi a poke when you come in!


Grand Re-opening 2/23/21 at 5pm EST

Join us at our beautiful new location for drinks and games! Get a free single card tarot card reading for buying a drink off our menu!

Raven's Wednesdays
Every Wednesday the Starbuncle team offers free coffee to Ravens FC members along with the Raffle! Proceeds from Wednesdays go straight into the Ravens coffers as thanks for sponsoring us!

Tarot Readings

Get your fortune told on the bottom floor! Set yourself down with our Charming Clairvoyants.

Single card readings ........5,000
Basic reading, one card, a message for you from the universe.

Three card spread ...........10,000
Past, present, and future. This reading tells you of things that were, that are, and that which has not yet come to pass.

Specific Question Reading....30,000
*This is a very in-depth reading where you may seek answers to specific questions. This is usually a longer reading and requires more time to work through.

Tips are encouraged but not required

We use this deck Kawaii Tarot